The design, production and sale of small metal parts for clothing, footwear, leather goods and belt manufacture is now in the hands of a company which has proved itself right at the forefront in terms of the supreme skill and accuracy of its innovative working processes: Pierino Ghezzi.

For thirty years, the company has been designing and manufacturing items in brass, iron and stainless steel such as staples, hooks, handles, springs, and snap hooks used to finish shoes, handbags and belts.


brass carabiners.

Thanks to important changes in strategy and organisation, and to the use of the latest technology, our company has become highly specialised in bending and cutting wire and metal sheeting, enabling it to create very high quality products.

It is an accredited partner for all those companies requiring turned parts that are strong, safe, aesthetically pleasing, convenient and stylish:

  • Brisé rings
  • buckles;
  • chains;
  • belt loops;
  • springs;
  • carabiners;


Thanks to its well-stocked and well-organised warehouse, Pierino Ghezzi is always able to deliver all its steel and brass products to its clients extremely promptly.

It is also happy to provide items outside the traditional standard range and to produce customised items on request: in different thicknesses and sizes, in a truly infinite range of colours, or plated in 18k gold or silver.

If you would like to explore all our proposals, we would be happy to welcome you to our offices in the province of Bergamo

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